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Call me “the Americana Story Teller”

Escritora Maria Franco

Call me “the Americana Story Teller”

Maria Franco is a Brazilian/American writer and take pride for being a true Americana

She came to the US to learn English in 1982 and after that, she went to Mexico City to learn Spanish. She loves all the Americas and knowing the main languages of the vast continent was her priority.

For many years, she was a business owner in California and Nevada , but writing is her passion since young age. She only started publishing her works after went to live in the Amazon Jungle in 2009, doing a research on the effect of engendered species on deforestation

She has written environmental papers, which she has donated to local Universities over the years. She has written graphic novels, children books, romance stories and her latest novel is Heroinas witch is a collection of short stories about some great South American women. She began that novel by telling Princess Isabel stories, a woman that very fe people recognize as the Mother of Abolition.

In Heroinas she tells the story of many political eras of Brazil since 1888. She passionately describes the women’s struggles due to the lack of human rights in Brazil which Princess Isabel fought to overcome over a century ago when she was forced into exile.

Maria Franco is dedicated to write about engendered species and human rights in all her children and comics, which is a passion that will never end. She feels children and youth should pay much attention to our globe reality through fantasy. It is both fun and educational for the children and the young Readers can take a break from so much violence in the publishing and video game markets of today .


The weak heart, to become strong and good

The sad ones, to find happiness

The ill body, to become healthy and productive

The rich ones, to share a little

The poor, to get an opportunity offered

The good ones, to get the deserving recognition

The wiser ones, to become humble and teach

And if your are reading all this, you do care and I like you. Thanks


Maria Franco